Born in New York City, 1969

I am a current member of the 501st Legion, Vader's Fist, currently residing within the Tampa Bay Squad of the Florida Garrison. I am also in the process of starting another quality costuming/charity support group based solely on characters from the Marvel Universe. Professionally I am in the field of Business Management, but photography has always been a long time interest and hobby of mine.​

Throughout my cosplay/costuming experience, I have taken notice to the lack of costuming/cosplay and prop photographers in certain areas. This is especially prominent among those of us that build, and dress in costume. Photographs for the personal use of these participants are usually limited or non-existent at events. I intend on tipping the scales in favor of costumers and prop builders by inserting my edition of quality photographs in the mainstream, and offering my time and services to those that have difficulties in acquiring pictures of themselves when in costume.

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